My Amiga 1200

Why an Amiga ?

I'm sure many have nostalgic feelings towards the Amiga systems and the Commodore brand but my interest in the Amiga range stems from my other passion for MS-DOS based games. The Amiga was a competing platform to the IBM systems and many of the games I enjoyed on the PC platform either originated on the Amiga or were also ported to the Amiga. My collection does not include many boxed Amiga games but perhaps that will change over the coming years. What has interested me is the subtle differences between the various PC and Amiga version. What I can say is that the sound on the Amiga was far superior to the IBM, even with a Sound Blaster card installed.

My first Amiga systems:

Some years back, around 2009 or so,  I acquired an Amiga 500 as my very first experience with an Amiga. The machine was provided with a few games and Workbench 1.3 but sadly a faulty A520 meant that the system was limited, at least for me, to only being in black and white. After spending some time considering how to get colour I managed to get a SCART cable and fast forward a few more years I managed to get a CM8833 Philips monitor. Very impressive machine. Still not being able to easily transfer files onto diskette, my attention moved towards looking at the A600 or A1200 which would have a built in hard disk drive. At some point an Amiga 2000 and 4000 came into my possession, sadly not 100% working, but what I really wanted was the "keyboard" style machine since it takes up very little space and, I think, adds to the vintage feel of these machines. Somehow the normal case, monitor and keyboard setup for an Amiga just doesn't appeal to me. Perhaps I associated the separate case, keyboard and monitor more with IBM and their compatibles.The other reason is that I actually have a fairly small amount of space to setup and enjoy these machines so the more compact form factor is perfect since the bulk of my free space is reserved for IBM's and compatibles. Before finally acquiring the machine I have today there was a brief attempt to use the serial port to transfer files to a diskette on the A500. This worked but as I am sure anyone can imagine it was a rather tedious experience.

Finally an Amiga 1200:

During the early part of 2018 the option for an Amiga 1200 presented itself. Not only did the machine come with a more modern mouse but also an external HD diskette drive and Blizzard 1230 IV card running at 50MHz. This seemed like the ultimate Amiga for me given that my real reason for wanting one is to experience some of those older DOS based games on the alternate platform. I have since ordered and received a CF to IDE adapter to replace the old 120MB hard drive, a PCMCIA Etherlink III card for networking and PCMCIA CF adapter. This for me is the ultimate Amiga setup and will cater for just about anything that I am likely to do with the range of machines. There are still a number of other improvements that I would like to do such as a replacement underside cover with better cooling for the Blizzard 1230 IV card, retro bright or replace the key caps and look at a better way to connect the A1200 to an LCD screen (remember when I said my space was limited).

Overall the A1200 has far exceeded my expectations for the platform and the Amiga community makes this an easy to work with system, for someone who did not grow up on it.

Amiga A1200

As you can see from the picture above the key caps do need a little "retrobrite". The rest of the case is in excellent condition and will hopefully remain that way for a while.

To answer the final question. Yes it runs Doom !

Doom on the A1200 after many hours of trial and error

In closing, would I consider getting any other Amiga ? To me this is the ultimate Amiga for my purposes so for now I would have to say no.

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