October 2018 trades / pickups (or not)

October has turned out to be the slowest month this year and, although there have been many such months in the past, not running around trying to add stuff to the collection this month has given me the opportunity to sit back and ponder why I have collected some items. The result has been a refocusing of my collection and has involved parting with some items that fellow collectors will appreciate more than I ever could.

The act of juggling home and work commitments has left many projects buried deep in the garage and not being part of any trades or charity shop hunts has given me the opportunity to sit back and look at some of these with an eye to making some progress.

It was always my plan to build IBM PC clone machines that, where possible, resembled machines I used or owned in the past and looking at my spare parts collection it seems there is no better time to start the undertaking. Pulling up a chair, some paper and a strong coffee I started the process of listing all the machine configurations I could remember. The list took some time but as expected ended with the 8088, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium, Pentium II and III class CPUs. Problem is that over the years I had various versions of each CPU class and various configurations. So I was back to the drawing board until a possible solution to the dilemma became apparent. There will be 7 machines with various replacement parts for each to give me the different configurations and also act as spares whilst keeping the storage requirements to a reasonable level. Since DOS gaming is a large part of my vintage interests these machines will allow me to enjoy those old classics on a machine closest to the recommended specs. As some will point out the Pentium II and III systems are way over the top for DOS gaming but since I do have the occasional Win 9x favourite it seems only appropriate to add them in.

Armed with some sort of plan it's now time to pull out those parts, clean up some casings and set to work building a few good machines.

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