The search for Serenia

Back in the early 80's I was in a position to enjoy a game called Adventure in Serenia by Sierra Online. One of the first, if not the first, graphical adventure game for the IBM PC, which had just been launched. This is the game that would set me of on my life long enjoyment of the now classic graphical adventure game genre. Fast forward a few years and the game made its way to the back of a cupboard and later bottom of a box, almost to be forgotten. A house move would see the game once again change from box to box and settle somewhere in the garage. Sometime around 2005 my interest in retro pc games would start to emerge with the aquisition of two IBM PS/2 systems in a chance trade with a friend. So the logical move was to start looking for the long forgotten Adventure in Serenia. Sadly the game was not to be found and I can only assume it was thrown out along with some boxes in a previous clean up. Although I was convinced at the time the game was still tucked away, it was not to be. During my years of collection all manner of PC related stuff from the early 80's to mid 90's the intention was to replace Serenia. Fast forward 12 years and finally thanks to a fellow collector, who went well out of his way, the game is now in my collection and it seems fitting that the launch of the new website, using the Online Collector framework, should start with Adventure in Serenia.

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