August 2017 pickups / trades
It's not often that I get a fair number of boxed games in at once, and especially rare that many of them are on my wanted list.
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Sinclair Spectrum collection
It has been some time since I last picked up some new items for the collection.
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Windows 3.0 arrives in the collection
It has taken a while to find a Windows 3.0 package locally.
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November 2017 pickups
November proved to be a better collecting month than September with some nice boxed games coming and the Windows 3.0 package, featured in another blog.
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January 2018 pickups / trades
This months sees the addition of the IBM EZ-VU II software, Need for Speed III : High Stakes, Sam & Max and a boxed version of Blue Force On the hardware front a fair condition MECER keyboard with 5pin DIN and Gravis Blackhawk joystick with 15pin connector add to the growing collection of input devices.
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December 2017 pickups / trades
December has been an fantastic month with the return of a Creative Labs AWE 64 Gold to the collection.
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Hardware items I am on the lookout for ...
As with any collection there are always items that the collector is on the look out for.
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The search for Serenia
Back in the early 80's I was in a position to enjoy a game called Adventure in Serenia by Sierra Online.
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Software and games that I am on the look out for ...
Below is a list of the games and software that I am on the look out for.
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