28th November 2016 - PS2 and PSP game pickups4th December 2016

After some months of deliberating I have finally acquired an early version of the Sony Playstation 2. Although I still have my original slim version from the mid 2000's there is just something about the larger format Playstation. This unit required a laser cleaning and also some general maintenance but works perfectly. Glad to finally have this in the collection. Along with the Playstation 2 there are also two PSP games that have been added. Call of Duty - Roads to victory and Wall-E.

25th November 2016 pickups - PSP games2nd December 2016

Some more local PSP pickups to add to the collection ,God of War - Ghosts of Spart, Juiced 2 - Hot import nights, Transformers - The game and MX vs. ATV - Untamed

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