Amiga 4000

The Amiga 4000 is a fairly recent addition to the collection. This 4000 is a stock 030 system with only the original 120MB Seagate disk drive being replaced with a compact flash card. The ROM is version 3.0 and memory totals 2MB and 4MB

For the basic WHDLoad and playing some of the classic Amiga titles this does more than enough and for the moment I have no plans to do any further upgrades. This is mainly because any updates to the A4000 would be rather costly outside of perhaps a CD-ROM and additional RAM. For the purposes of a more upgraded Amiga I will eventually turn my attention to another recently acquired Amiga 500 or perhaps hunt down another Amiga 1200.

Some years back I had an Amiga 1200 with a Blizzard accelerator and this was the all round perfect Amiga. In all honesty the A4000 and A500 combined would equal the A1200, but I do like the form factor and size of the A4000.

Overall the machine is in excellent cosmetic condition and the VARTA battery has long since been removed with very limited damage to the board. Perhaps a complete recap will be needed at some time in the future but I will cross that bridge if I see any possible issues on the next inspection.

Adding a GoTek doesn't seem to be worth the cost of the drive yet adding a 3.1.4 ROM might well be worth the cost.

Most other peripherals, such as the networking card, are far too expensive to be worth considering but the parallel port plipbox network card might a option at some point in the future. Given the usage and amount of software that I am likely to use the machine for it's really not going to be worth the investment any time soon.

For convenience sake moving the CF card to the front 3.5" bay might be worth considering in a printed bracket.

The machine came with the keyboard, a fairly nice mouse and a Phillips CM8833 monitor. All these peripherals are in excellent condition although I am slightly tempted to do a retrobrite on the keyboard as some point in the future.

Written by tim on February 5th, 2023