April 2021 - Finds / trades and purchases

With April being the month of public and other holidays I was hopeful that a few thrifting days would come up but it seemed that was not to be. A few items joined the collection this month and it's always nice to be able to mark something off my wanted list. In this case the Cyrix 486 DX2/66 CPU with the green heatsink. I sold a few of those in the mid 90's but never managed to track one down until now.

  • Cyrix 486 DX2/66 CPU with green heatsink
  • Media Vision Thunderboard with software and manuals
  • Star Wars : Rebel Assault II
  • Janes : Apache Longbow
  • Janes : Apache Longbow II
  • Janes : 688
  • EF2000 Tacom
  • Empire Earth
  • Rouge Spear
Written by tim on April 12th, 2021