April 2022 - Trades and pickups and general updates

April 2022 has been a reasonable month

During this month I finally received a GoTek drive to make life easier and some IDE2CF / SD cards so that I can remove physical drives from all of the machines that are available for usage.

Finally after some searching for 3d printable brackets I managed to get together an assortment which has allowed my to mount the C64, C64C, ZX81, ZX81 and 48k Spectrum computers on the walls. This not only saves some space but makes them easily accessible and it's nice to have them on constant display.

The star of this months show however has to be Lode Runner. A game I first encountered around 1987 and one that I played for hours and hours on end without ever really completing the levels. A simple game that appeared on many platforms, as I later found out, yet one that even today still has loads of play value. The version that is coming to the collection this month is the version that I remember but was later updated as Championship Lode Runner.

April has also seen the acquisition of a photo tent which will hopefully spur on the next round of cataloguing. 

The following items joined the collection:

  • Rainbird
  • Janes Fighters - Antholoy
  • GoTek
  • IDE2CF card (for Amiga 4000)
  • IDE2SD card (for Pentium build)
  • Lode Runner
Written by tim on April 3rd, 2022