January 2021 - Rebuilding the OC Room

So January 2021 is finally coming to a close and with some overdue leave on my hands it's time to dive into the OC Room. The Old Computer Room has been around for years now and used as an office, storage room and general all round work room over the past 8 or so years. The time has come to try and bring some good old computer fun into the room on a more permenant basis, thanks to the relocation of my day job work space to another location in the house.

The problem with any setup like this, or at least the problem for me, is the decision as to what systems to put into 'production' and have setup on a daily basis for fun and games. As you will see in the pics on this post the room is actually much smaller than I would like being only 2.4m x 2.9 with its saving grace being the sunken floor and rather high roof. This allows for shelving to a much higher roof height than I would get from other rooms of a similar dimension.

So back to the issue of what to put in the room. I had always intended to keep the most important and perhaps most nostalgic stuff to me in the room but as with any collection, this can very quickly become far more than the alotted space. I would have to be very mindful and what would go in.

For some context my collection is largely based around IBM PC and PC clones since I grew up on these systems and that is where the most nostalgia comes from but there are a few rouge systems that have remained after my massive retro purge over the past few years. This makes the limited space challenge even more interesting. An Apple 2e, Sinclair ZX48k, Amiga 1200, CreatiVision and Commodore C64 also need to be including in the mix. Console wise this is much easier since those are limited to more modern systems such as PS2, PS3 and XBox One. Luckily the consoles take up a very limited amount of space.

Below are some of the pics during the 'construction' work.

Written by tim on January 23rd, 2021