March 2022 - Trades and pickups and general updates

March has been an interesting month with some overflow from late February which I did not manage to get time to blog about. The most notable addition has to be the Amiga 4000. Oddly I have had one of these before but not in working condition.

A number of smaller projects have started around the Amiga 4000 and also a redesign of the set up in the current old computer room. For those who have not visited me at some point in the past, the main room in which I keep some actively running computer systems is not particularly large and is shared with my model railways hobby. The room also acts as a display area for big box games. This means that from time to time I change out the machines, do upgrades or simply rearrange how the machines are set up to better suite my needs at the time. The room normally has an IBM 5160, 486, Amiga, C64 and an Apple 2e on display and available for use but the latest changes may reduce the computer count by one depending on how the overall space works out.

Another aspect that I have found, especially with a smaller space, is that the room changes in an organic way based on what gets used or what takes my fancy at the time and this does help to keep it more interesting over the long run.

The list of new additions also include Tomahawk by DataSoft. This is a game that I recall spending hours on long before the release of the popular Microprose Gunship and takes a place right up in the top list of games from my very early computing experiences on the PC.

New additions for March are listed below:

  • Amiga 4000
  • Star Wars - Rebellion
  • Roland MPU-IPC-T (missing breakout box)
  • Tomahawk - DataSoft
  • Shivers (larger box)
  • Rex Nebular (US box)
  • Space Quest 6 (larger box)
  • Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Father (CD version)
  • Test Drive 5
  • Test Drive 6
  • Shannara
  • Mummy
  • Return of the Phantom (alternate box art)
  • Populous
  • Media Vision Pro Audio
Written by tim on March 2nd, 2022