This is my vintage / retro computer and games collection and has been keeping me fascinated for the past 17 years. The collection covers systems from various manufacturers over a period of more than 35 years and ranges from machines, consoles, games, software, magazines and books to just about any other retro or vintage computing related items that interest me.

The original intention was just a single old computer to play some games on. It would be more 'realistic' and enjoyable than the variety of emulators available I thought. Over the years I've gone from nothing to hoarding and finally to a more focused attempt at collecting and rebuilding the systems from my youth. Be it systems that I played on at friends and family or ones I actually owned, the enjoyment of hunting down the pieces required has been both a challenge and a fantastic journey leading to many new friendships and an entire web framework to keep track of it all. On this site you will find some of those items that I have taken the time to document and photograph with, time permitting, many more still to come.

My primary area of focus is IBM and IBM Compatible machines starting from the 8088 up to the early Pentium II systems (last of the DOS days) but the Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64, CreatiVision, Apple II, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and many others also make an appearance as many of the games and software from the IBM DOS days originated from or appeared on these systems and it's awesome to see how the versions differ over the various platforms.

On occasion some of the computers in my collection have been used in television adverts, miniseries and film productions.

The aim of this website is to document my own journey and discover things about my collection that I might not otherwise have realised. If you have the time I can recommend doing the same. Please take the time to search around and use the contact option if you would like to get in touch with me. If you don't see items for a specific system on the website it may mean that I have not had time to capture them or it's something that I don't have in the collection.